Classic Porsche Interior
We renew or repair convertible roofs for all types Porsche. Whether this is a latest Porsche old Porsche. The kapmaterialen we use for this are the best that are available. Often one has any type of Porsche are specific requirements relating to the hood. Classic example Sonneland for a Porsche 356, A5 Sonneland for a Porsche 996 and PVC structure for a Porsche 911 Targa. On these specific characteristics, we do not unnecessarily deep. Want to know more about it, look at or contact us.

Hood frame reparation

When the hood frame of your vintage Porsche to be restored, please contact us. We repair the hood frame, let the blasting and painting and also deliver and assemble the wooden parts. The whole then creates a perfect result!

In the more modern Porsche convertible with an electrically operated hood frame, it happens that, for example, the breakage of a shoulder and rips through the hood material. We find the cause of the fracture and the necessary repairs carried out after consultation with the customer. The cap is then naturally renewed.

Hoodcovers and tonneau's

We can also supply a kaphoes and tonneau for your Porsche or manufacture.